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100 Don Eppes Icons for icons100 // COMPLETE [09 Mar 2006|10:46pm]
Wee, here's the giant table that houses the 100 icons of Don!Lust that I've created for icons100.

Subject: Don Eppes from the TV drama NUMB3RS
Additonal Notes: To learn how to credit these icons, see the base or texted versions of many of these icons, see all screencap / lyrics / tiny text credit for these icons, and to see many more NUMB3RS-related icons, check out this post and _convergence.

please comment / credit if you take anything from this post

Like what you see? Join _convergence, where geeks, art, and community converge!

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9 cmnt.

Musings // Moving Icons [11 Jan 2006|11:26pm]

Well, I've resolved to move all of my icons to a community that I formed with lapinguina. In this community, there will be an abundance of NUMB3RS-related icons, and also other pretty icons / graphics. In fact, there's already a killer bunch of NEVER BEFORE SEEN lapinguina icons featuring Charlie and *gasp* squiggles. Check that out here, and look at the rest of the posts in _convergence. If you'd like to obtain posting access and put your icons in _convergence, join and leave a comment saying that you wish to be a maker.

But, other than that, join the community to keep updated on all of my icon posts.

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[Hearing | Miami Vice (I need a 'Don Johnson in Pastels is Love' colorbar ;p) ]

Resources [04 Jan 2006|11:37pm]
Oh yes, here we go.

The genius behind my mediocrity...Collapse )

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